Monday, 11 May 2009

Photoshop Short Cuts

Yesterday we held another of our Bluedog Introduction to Photoshop Workshops. In this we covered a few of the Photoshop shortcuts which save you a heap of time so now we are going to share more of those with all. Here’s our first list of shortcuts:

Shortcuts for the Main Tool Bar:
(please note: Keys can be sued as either lower or upper case.)
Key - Action
v - Move Tool
m - Marquee Tool
l - Lasso Tool
w - Magic Wand Tool
c - Crop Tool
i - Eyedropper Tool
j - Healing Brush tool
b - Brush/Pencil tool
s - Stamp Tool
y - History Brush Tool
e - Eraser Tool
g - Paint Bucket/Gradient Tool
o - Dodge/Burn/Sponge Tool
p - Pen Tool
t - Type tool
h - Hand Tool
n - Pencil tool
z - Zoom tool

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