Saturday, 16 May 2009

In Your Back Yard

While many of us go to great lengths planning our photography expeditions how many of us really look around in our own back yard?

I use the term back yard a little loosely, as I not only mean our actual back yard but your street, community, park or town.
Do you really know the photography experiences
awaiting you so very close to home?

While I am fortunate enough to live in an incredibly beautiful region of Queensland (also home to the oldest national park in Queensland and the third oldest in the world) I often hear people saying there is nothing to photograph where they live.

So the challenge is on! What’s in your back yard?
For those that would like to send me an image I’ll upload them onto the Bluedog Photography Facebook page. It’ll be a little fun and a great photography exercise. Just make sure the images are under 1MB and you include the details of camera, mode aperture, shutter and ISO.
Happy shooting!

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