Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Great Skyscapes in Australia

We are so fortunate in this vast land down under to have some absolutely brilliant opportunities for capturing great skyscapes.

Often people ask me what makes a great skyscape? I think one of the most important factors is compositions and the other is clouds.

Composing a sky scape so it looks pleasing to the human eye is vital. Where is your horizon? Unless you image is a reflection your horizon should run along either the bottom or top third of your image. Ask yourself what is more important - is it the sky or the land. If it is the sky, then place your horizon along the bottom third, if it is the land, then place you horizon along the upper third.

Double Rainbow (c) Danielle Lancaster

Clouds also help make wonderful skyscapes though saying that we are very proud of some our own without any clouds in them at all. Generally when there is some atmospheric turbulence then the clouds will appear and the sun reflecting through them can make for stunning images.

While we do not have a long twilight in Australia our sunsets are often very rewarding especially if you can get into the outback where the sky stretches from horizon to horizon uninterrupted.

Australian Outback Sunset (c) Danielle Lancaster

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Cheers till next time - Danielle

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Photography - It's Not All Serious!


My name is Danielle Lancaster and I am based at Tamborine Mountian, Queesnland Australia. I have been a professional photo/journalist for too long than I care to share with you! However, what I do love is to help people refine their photography skills and be proud of their images and as I travel extensively with my work I'd also like to share with you the special places I have been to and people that I have met.

So my blogs will be on simple photography skills you can put to use and turn those snapshots into something you would like to hang on your wall! And on people and places. I hope you enjoy!

Photography should be fun and sometimes we get so caught up in making the composition, exposure and lighting just right there seems no room for any fun.

It's human nature to 'have a laugh' and people will often do funny things, always when you least expect them to.

Or you can set up your own funny photo - it can be a creative exercise and provide a few good laughs not only looking at it afterwards but doing the photo shoot as well.

As they say a picture can tell a story! Why not give it a try?
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