Saturday, 9 October 2010

Rainy Days and Photography

Here in south-east Queensland, Australia it is grey, overcast and raining and has been for days.

While many think this is not a time to get the camera out think again! Rainy weather can provide some of the best conditions for exploring our creative side of photography.

Rain provides a myriad of opportunities. There are reflections, patterns, and even diffused lighting to be used. Surfaces glisten, contrast and saturation is increased when objects are wet.

And don’t forget as the rain disappears we are often treated to a stunning sunset and if the weather warms up the forest should produce plenty of fungi!

While working on a paper I would often consider the best way to shoot:
1. Use an umbrella and juggle camera, flash, tripod and umbrella
2. Or cover me and my gear – I found this the easiest.

So don’t let our dismal days dissuade you. Shelter can be found and images made.

Image by Danielle Lancaster (c)

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Jacqui said...

You must be listening to all of us complaining about the weather great blog!!