Sunday, 3 October 2010

Boots that last!

Since we gave them to her we have not been able to get them off her feet!
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Images by Sheryn and Michael Ellis (C)

They arrived to me by default I must admit, as they were originally sent to Danielle to trial. In her own words, ‘for every negative there is a positive’, and this positive has been mine!

And they have not been off my feet! Never before have I had a pair of shoes that I can wear all day, every day - until now. I’ve already put them through a harsh outback trip, worn them non-stop for 3 months through water, mud and slosh and they now they are on my feet every day while I roam around Japan - yes it's typhoon season and I sure am getting a taste of it!

Some facts about these amazing shoes of 'mine': Released in April this year, this boot is made for those of us who like the outdoors and want a boot that will last. Made from a combination of yak leather, which is three times stronger than cow leather, and GORE-TEX, which provides waterproof protection, the ECCO Terra VG shoes are durable and ideal for any terrain.

So what are my top points on this new shoe? ECCO’s own full length Receptor® Technology system provides internal support and cushioning, ensuring toe to heel comfort with every step I take. The shoes are also light, flexible and breathable; must-have features for anyone looking for high-performance shoes especially in a variety of conditions. The sole of the ECCO Terra VG is direct-injected PU (Polyurethane), which permanently bonds the shoe’s midsole, outsole and upper together aiding in-shock absorbency, to protect the knees, hips and back – thanks ECCO!

At times, even after reading the extensive research that has gone into making these shoes, I forget why walking in them from the moment I awake to the time I pull them off at night is effortless. There is more than 40 years of ECCO working with some of the world’s leading biochemists to study the human foot. Advanced technology has created a shoe not only with ultimate comfort but unsurpassed performance.

How do I know this? Well my partner Michael bought a similar pair of boots, before our trip to outback Australia, from a regular brand name. We both strode through salt filled lakes, churned through mud and were at times ankle deep in water. On returning his are already showing fatigue around the seams, stitching is rotting in places broken and the soles are starting to separate. Mine are perfect and look the same as the day I pulled them out of the box.

No, I must admit, I am not sorry they did not fit Danielle as I’m thoroughly enjoying the ride and will report back to let you know how they stand up after another trip or two - yes I've already planned my next trip to the Cairns region in November. If I was a betting person I would definitely bet on their longevity – let’s say as a rough outdoors type I reckon I’ll get a good 10 years out them. Lets’ say I even buy a lotto ticket on it!

Well done ECCO!
RRP: $299.95 shoe; $329.95 boot. More:

Images by Sheryn and Michael Ellis (C)

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