Saturday, 25 April 2009

Photography - Great For the Mind, Body and Soul!

Photography is the world’s most popular hobby.
More people now own a camera than golf clubs or a fishing rod.

This is largely due to the digital era and the progress of digital photography over the past ten years.

No longer are people waiting in anticipation for that roll of film to be developed, they have their images immediately and can share it with others via email. What we are now seeing is a resurgence in photography, similar to when George Eastman, the founder of Kodak, released the first compact camera in 1888 simply because he wanted to simplify photography and make it available to others.

Getting into photography has more benefits than just capturing a great image. It gets people out enjoying and learning about their environment, they meet new people and make friends, go to new places which provides a little exercise, and plays a part decreasing stress in our ever busy time poor lives.
Photography is an antidote for stress! Better than any pill to swallow!!

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