Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Tips For Photographing Brids

1. When a bird is in flight use a fast shutter speed.

2. Know how to exposure compensate – your camera will meter read a black bird and make it grey.

3. Know the bird’s habitat, what it sounds like, eats, likes to do. Have an idea what’s in an area. No good looking for Sea Kites in the outback, or Galahs on the beach! Do they live on the ground or up high in a tree, can they fly, dive or swim? It will all help you find them.

4. Never stress a bird. If getting close to the nest stresses the chicks or the parents watching you from nearby simply go away. Always be kind to the birds.

5. Know your equipment and its limitations

6. Fill the frame with the bird

7. Be patient

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