Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I've just finished a Travel Photography Workshop and we had a very interesting scenario happen during our practical.
The photo assignment was "Shopping" for a travel mag/newspaper feature and two of my wonderful students each went into a different winery on Tamborine Mountain.
Now this is interesting:
Student 'John' had a great experience - the person behind the cellar door was very happy to show John his award winning wine, allow John to take photos etc etc etc.

Student 'Linda' at another winery was told not to take photos of the bottle as they did not like their wines being photographed, not to do this and not to do that.

This bought about some discussion - as travellers we are also walking, talking ad agency's sprouting what's good and what's bad. As we discussed the two completely different encounters we realised that John would refer visitors to the winery he went to while Linda would not and what if their photos ended up on their face book page, website or anything else - could this not be free promotion!
Pity as Linda's winery will miss out on that while John's will no doubt get repeat business - and from us as well!

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