Monday, 24 October 2011

Vanuatu – Through A Child’s Eye

Guest Blog by Lily, Jack and Cate Ellis

Two years ago Sheryn and her husband Michael took their three children – twins Lily and Jack and younger daughter Cate on the Bluedog Photography Vanuatu Tour. It was a life changing experience for the three of them. The twins at that time were 6 years old and Cate 4.

The children constantly ask when they are going back to Vanuatu to see their friends so when Sheryn told them they may be able to go back with her in May 2012 they've already started writing to everyone telling them they will be back soon. This week Sheryn has been sorting through images with them to create a collage of their memories. I asked them to write down, in their own words, what they liked and disliked about Vanuatu. However there are no dislikes as they all want to go back. The friendliest nation in the world (voted by Lonely Planet for years in a row) had cast a magical spell upon them.
Thanks Jack, Lily and Cate for sending this in and Levi (the man you called 'Milo') says hi!

I liked swimming and snorkelling including staying in a house that is close to the spot where we liked to swim. And I liked how they plaited my hair and the cool things at the markets. Seeing the baby turtles was cool and we saw the giant turtle shell and you could pet the baby turtles and we fed the big turtles and the big sharks. And they gave us necklaces for a welcome and i made about ten friends and when we went to Pentecost Island we were shown how to make funny noises by blowing (whistling) with leaves and we also made woven grass balls and we caught lots of hermet crabs. And I want to go back and see the whole island again. Tank u Tomas (Thank you very much)

I liked how the people were nice and you can hold baby turtles and feed a lot of animals. For the girls they can get their hair plaited. You can see a lot of hermet crabs and for the boys there is a lot of waves. And if you go snorkelling you can see nemo fish. You meet lots of new friends. And I can speak their language - hullo, tank u tomas!

I liked swimming and snorkelling. I liked meeting people. I liked getting my hair plaited. We got to feed the sharks and turtles. I like catching hermet crabs and we got to hold baby turtles. 

Bludog returns to Vanuatu next year. Tour Dates are the 2nd-8th May 2012

Jack being cool with his new mates.

Cate's friends feel in love with her as Cate did with them.
One of the many wildlife experiences the children encountered.

Another wildlife experience the children had.
All images by Sheryn Ellis

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