Friday, 21 October 2011

Doorways, windows and Nuns intrigue us in Melbourne

By Danielle Lancaster

The drizzling rain paused here in Melbourne late this afternoon and though the skies lingered a dark grey I decided to take a short hike around the block. Except I got sidetracked: there are alleys and doorways and I wanted to know where they went and who was behind them.

Melbourne to me associates more with many a European city than an Australian one at times. While Sydney is brash, Brisbane appears a teen, Perth can be deceiving, Adelaide a feast, Hobart a gateway to wild wilderness and Darwin a tropical party city, each has their own something a little different and yet something the same, Melbourne is different.

My abode for my stay is The Nunnery in Nicholson Street, Carlton which I was directed to by a fellow photo journalist that calls Melbourne home (more on this in another blog to come). Its history excited me and what better place I thought for my two teenage boys who have joined me to stay. Surely they could get up to no mischief here. Instead The Nunnery is humming and it’s not hymns that are being sung.

Travellers of all ages are here – though I will admit I think I must be the oldest or as I like to say these days the most mature, however that hardly matters. Tonight its free hot soup down in the kitchen, so the international back packers are not missing out. Some are reclining in the lounge room reading, playing cards or catching up on their laptops. I catch glimpses of Facebook pages and hear the blimps of Skype messages coming in, no doubt from all corners of the world. The room feels warm with the tungsten lighting giving an orange glow and the myriad of accents has my ears straining to place them all. So far I think I have nailed everyone and their country of origin. It’s a friendly, tender atmosphere in the air - a nice feel for a home away from home for a few days.

One thing I love about Melbourne other than the food, art and shopping is the architecture. Old versus new and in my short walk today once again doorways and windows gain my attention. Their frames so carefully  constructed in an array of colours, shapes and in the materials used. Somehow I think I’ll be back out there tomorrow capturing some more.

All images by Danielle Lancaster and straight out of camera.

All alike but a little different and within half a block of each other, these windows and doors lure me to know more what goes on behind. Luckily enough I struck up a conversation with a gentleman who lived across the lane this arvo so hoping to catch up with him tomorrow. All are private residences. He tells me 'Friday is a bad day to meet his neighbours as everyone is out'.

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