Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Rolf Harris, doing what you love and Photography

Do you remember Rolf Harris? Are some of us showing our age when we say yes? Rolf when I was growing up was as Australian as they come. Well tomorrow he turns 81.

I remember fondly his large brush murals painted on the TV show, songs such as ‘Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport’ and ‘Jake the Peg’ of which I am sure I can still recite half of them by heart! He could write, sing, paint, play musical instruments and had one hell of a personality. He entertained his way into my heart as a young girl. Yes OK a few years ago now.

Rolf still paints actively today and he credits good health to doing something you love and a few good health habits.

A bit like photography really, when you think about it. We get exercise and fresh air every time we go out. We build up appetites and hopefully give the deep-fried fast food a wide berth on the way home. We meet people, make friends, engage in conversation and learn new things such as about our environment and the location we are in. In fact, we see things differently. We discover the little things and often get invited to all sorts of ‘things’ because we have a camera:)

And this all plays a part decreasing stress in our ever busy time-poor lives. Photography is actually an antidote for stress! Better than any pill to swallow!! 

Happy Birthday Rolf!

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