Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Experience Queensland - Where Australia Shines

As Easter approaches many are finalising their holiday arrangements: there’s camping, 5 star resorts, visiting family and various lures tempting all of us.

Me? I am still deciding. Why? Due to a deluge of great tourist information that has come my way in the past few weeks.

Tomorrow Tourism Queensland kicks into gear a multi million project – a Global Media Event to “Experience Queensland, Where Australia Shines”.

A selection of photographers and journalists from around the globe have been invited to submit a request for acceptance to come visit and experience this fabulous state I call home. The objective is to kick start one of Queensland’s main industries back into gear: tourism.

It’s no secret that Queensland has had an unfair share of events this year. And while many of our destinations escaped unscathed, others have had a little help and are now ready to roll out the welcome mat. It’s time to tell the world about it.”

From snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef to exploring the outback and sandsurfing a pristine dune, a number of itineraries were on offer. I selected the Gold Coast and the Scenic Rim itinerary.

Why choose my own back yard, and will I see or more importantly experience, something new? I’m about to find out. In the meantime it’s time to empty and format the memory cards, charge batteries and get the gear packed. On the top of the list is my new Freecom Tough Drive – more on that later and more over the next few days as our journey unfolds.

For more info on Queensland's Gold Coast and Scenic Rim check out these web sites:
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Gold Coast Beach
Image by Danielle Lancaster

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