Monday, 19 April 2010

Bluedog Photography Heads to Injune and Carnarvon Gorge - Day 4

Day four started before sunrise as we saw sprays of pink sunrays expand from the horizon we eagerly pulled on our boots, grabbed cameras and tripods and headed out on foot. Unfortunately the clouds gathered and quickly dashed our hopes for a magnificent sunrise. However, there is plenty around the homestead to keep any happy snapper occupied.

Puddy as usual dished up a huge country breakfast before Daggy tethered Danielle and tightened her girth adding another two holes to her belt - at least now we don’t have to continually watch her hitching her jeans up all day.

Then into Injune we headed for another day of workshops with another eager group of photography students. Today Danielle skilled them up on Photoshop so they can make those awesome images they now know how to take, really pop.

Not long after arriving back at the homestead the next door neighbour arrived in his mustering chopper - a huge attraction for Jake who would have said three times, ‘It’s a helicopter!’ Yes Jake we know what a helicopter looks like.

The highlight for the day was a sunset drive up to one of the hills on the property where we are staying, ‘Cobbadah’; an Aboriginal word meaning high place. Our early morning rise and good day’s work was eventually rewarded with a brilliant sunset over the undulating foothills of the Carnarvon Ranges. Naturally, we had a bottle of red at hand to salute Mother Nature at her finest.

Danielle thinks she has created a monster with Therese continuing her night long exposures each night late into the evening. Her swearing at Jake walking through her image with his head lamp on would have made the most hardened of shearers blush. Anyone who may think Therese is sweet and innocent let us tell you otherwise.

Our night is ending with some bird watching. Daggy’s bird book is out, and we have spotted a Tawny Frogmouth (for those that do not know these are not owls) perched on a gum tree branch near our tin abode and Therese is unfortunately not adding another lifer to her list to night. For Jake though it is another first, no doubt not the last for this trip.

Tomorrow we head to Carnarvon Gorge for two days. For the first time in a long time the river and waterfalls are flowing so we look forward to our visit to this iconic Queensland attraction. But...we may not have service there so our daily blog may be delayed for a day or two till our return to ‘Cobbadah’.

Sunset this arvo on ‘Cobbadah’
Photo by Danielle Lancaster

Homestead Lanterns Swinging
Photo by Therese Lilis

Daggy tightens Danielle's girth.
Photo by Jake Campbell


Anita said...

Loving the daily update guys! Can't wait to hear the 'behind the scenes' stories when you return xx

Renee said...

Love hearing your adventures, photos are great, have mum & dadxx