Sunday, 4 September 2011

My New Favourite Camera Accessory

With the excitement mounting for the Bluedog Photography Stradbroke Island Tour this coming weekend, Julie Martin who will be sharing many of her Photoshop tricks and tips with us, will most likely be wearing this accessory out on the shoots. In this blog she tells us why she likes her Black Rapid RS-W1 camera strap

I don’t know about you, but how to carry my camera had been a bit of a bother for me.  I have a personal dislike for hanging it around my neck, with all the involved bumping and jumping around it does while you walk (not to mention the somewhat unfashionable look it gives you!).  Carrying it in my hand, with the strap wrapped securely around my wrist (as taught by Danielle) was okay while I had my smaller camera, but now that I have a larger camera and bigger lenses, I just can’t carry that weight in my hand for long.  Then I tried a small sling-type camera bag, but ended up with a sore shoulder from the hanging weight, and I usually had it in my hand anyway.  So, quite the dilemma.

Imagine how happy I am now that I have solved my problem.  It comes in the form of my Black Rapid RS-W1 camera strap – my new favourite camera accessory and forgive me for gushing but I just love it.  The strap is worn like a sling across your body, with the women’s version cleverly designed to accommodate our contours, and the camera is attached using the tripod socket. You then adjust it so that the camera hangs around hip level, always at the ready for the next shot.   There are several different versions available, with storage for memory cards, spare batteries and your mobile phone in some, a sports option for increased security and even double versions for two cameras.

What I love about this strap is the comfort, accessibility and security it provides.  I walked around all day on my recent trip and never got sore shoulders.  The design distributes the weight very evenly.  Letting the camera hang means I had both hands free but the camera was just there when I was ready to take a shot.  It felt quite discreet at my side and I felt happier no longer having a camera strap that shouted “expensive camera!!!” to anyone who felt inclined to steal it off me.  I would put my jacket on over the top of the strap so it would be basically impossible for anyone to grab the camera and run off.  

The only downside is that you can’t have both the strap and your tripod plate attached at the same time, although there is a fastener available that allows for this if you have a Manfrotto tripod with quick release plates.   It just took a couple more seconds to set up the camera on the tripod, while changing plates.

Retailing for $79, it is the best accessory I think I have ever bought for my camera and I would highly recommend it to anyone.  Here’s the link to the website – www. for more information.
 Julie wearing her Black Rapid RS-W1 camera strap on a recent trip to Ireland.

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