Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Vivian Maier goes live!

Last week the Vivian Maier website went live!
June 7, 1956, Chicago, IL

Many of you would be familiar with the story of Vivian Maier (February 1, 1926 – April 21, 2009), ‘discovered’ by the purchase of a box of negatives at an auction by John Maloof.

Maier was no pro-photographer. Rather she was a nanny who led a simple life. On her days off she hit the streets capturing the people and spaces around her.

This is a remarkable story. Maier shooting with her box brownie and developing in her bathroom left over 100,000 negatives mostly shot in Chicago and New York City. Plus in her collection were numerous homemade films and recordings – what a wonderful view into American life during the early 1950's through to the mid 1990's.     

I certainly recommend checking out the new site:
Due for release soon is the film "Finding Vivian Maier" and book.

And if you are visiting London from the July 1st through the 24th then check out the exhibition during the London Street Photography Festival, as Maier’s work will be the event highlight.

For those interested in other photographer’s works, check out Bluedog Photography’s past newsletters which all feature a ‘Dedication to a Master of the Lens’. Past newsletters are archived here.

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dougiec said...

I've read about Mayler, a great story and some incredible photographs! I wast aware that she would be featured in the festival in London this summer.... Might have to pop down to have a look. A touch easier for me than for most of you I think!