Tuesday, 8 February 2011

North Queensland Comes Back after Yasi!

To say Queensland, Australia has not felt another hard hit this week is an underestimation. Our beloved tropical north with its sweeping sandy beaches and clear tropical waters teaming with colourful fish and coral was hit hard by dual cyclones Yasi, described as the worst cyclone in the country's history and Anthony (yes there was another it’s just Yasi got all the lime light).

In 2006 I headed to the Cape after Category 5 cyclones, Larry and Monica ripped a path of destruction and last year to the Airlie Beach checking out the effect of yet another terrifying low on Conway National Park and State Forest (check out story a few issues ago in Go Camping).

One thing I have learnt from both visiting and once living in north Queensland is how quickly this region bounces back! It’s the little things that come back quickly: the butterflies, insects and frogs croaking fill the still post storm night air once again.

From fallen trees fungi sprout, birds start to nest and gather from the strewn debris and the tides once again come and go gently lapping. Each level seemingly does its bit. The north is familiar with an odd storm or two. Its fauna, flora and people are resilient.

"Tropical cyclones and heavy rain are a normal thing in the tropics of Northern Queensland, and the Whitsundays is very quick to recover from weather events because of our topography and our region's preparedness for such events," said Tourism Whitsundays Chief Executive Officer Peter O'Reilly on the subject this week.

The power is well and truly on, the airports open and the sun shining once again! If you have plans and are thinking of the tropics there’s some great deals to be had at the moment. Tourism Whitsundays is providing regular updates at
http://www.tourismwhitsundays.com.au/, www.facebook.com/WhitsundaysQLD, and

We may just have to look into one or two of them ourselves:)

A Birdwing Butterfly
Image by Danielle Lancastser

Jet skiing on Magnetic Island
Image by Danielle Lancastser

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