Thursday, 20 January 2011

Is the sun shining on Queensland?

Two weeks ago we had an interesting photography brief – ‘find out why people are still holidaying in Queensland with the news of floods. We want to hear from visitors how they are finding it, have they regrets and what is their message’.

We received this brief the day before the devastating floods surged through Toowoomba, flowed down the range to Grantham and through the Lockyer Valley to Ipswich and Queensland’s vibrant river side capital Brisbane.

Life, home and treasures were lost. The people of our home state here in Australia are reeling. With 75% of the state being effectively at some time over the past two weeks being inundated in metres of water no wonder it made international news.

Cold calling, as it’s known, is not easy. It’s walking into someone’s life, asking them to be photographed for the media and then capturing that image and walking on to find the next person to ‘fit the brief’.

There are different types of ‘cold calling’ you may be asked to do when working professionally – some not as nice as others. This was one of the nicer jobs.
What do we need do a job like this?

a). The gear: a good camera (DSLR of course), external flash and the ability to work the flash with natural daylight.

b). People skills! Yes the front to walk up to someone, introduce yourself and explain in less than 25 words what you are doing and why. After that they lose interest – you have to remember they have other things on their mind than you fulfilling your brief.This is one area many budding photographers find hard. What if they say no? Then oblige, thank them with a big smile and move on.

c). The ability to frame the shot and grab it first go.
These is not your average portrait session: they have to sell the story behind the image and the words which you may not see till in print. You need to be able to utilise colourful backgrounds if available, crop tightly if need be due to storm clouds brewing etc, use DOF creatively and know what should or should not be included.

We want to make sure these images are ready to go out of camera - time is of an essence for both us and Queensland, our so called client.

What we did find out is that Queensland is open for business! Our first port of call was the Gold Coast, undoubtedly one of Queensland’s tourism Mecca’s. And it appeared everyone was out having fun. 

L-R Noah, Ebonnie and Molly Simmons from Tamworth
“Loving the Gold Coast and the wet weather – what wet weather? We are having a fabulous time! Our advice is come on up and swim without goose bumps!”


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wow I really want to go to QLD now, those kids look so happy (:

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get off it girls, she is mine! ;)

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get off it girls, she is mine! ;)