Saturday, 11 December 2010

Last week in our backyard - Tips on Wildlife Photography

This baby python visited one of the tree ferns outside the Bluedog kennel office last week so Augustine and Sheryn took time out to play.

The lighting was low – another overcast day in an unseasonal start to summer we are seeing here in Queensland, Australia.

To even up the lighting silver reflective cardboard was placed under the snake.

Above image taken with available light only.

Above image taken with available light only but a silver reflective piece of
cardboard was placed under the snake.

Because of the position of the snake and the tree fern fronds hand holding was the only feasible option especially once it started to move.This meant their shutter speed had to be at least at the minimum focusing distance of the lens being used (105mm macro). Snakes tongues flicker quickly and to freeze the tongue you need a fairly fast shutter speed as they won’t usually pose still for you.

The ISO was pushed up from a starting point of 400 to 1600.

At 400 ISO shutter speeds were around the 1/25th second and at 1600 ISO 1/100th was attainable with a wide aperture.

Custom white balance adjustments were made of A2 G3.
We do love the motto: ‘get it right in camera”.

All images by Augustine Mathews and Sheryn Ellis

Did you know:
The ‘backyard’ to Bluedog studio is the oldest National Park in Queensland and the third oldest in the world! To see more images or on what to do when visiting Tamborine Mountain visit:

2011 sees Bluedog Photography launching reptile photography sessions!

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