Monday, 20 September 2010

Photography Style - Is it Important?

By Danielle Lancaster
While looking through some images yesterday, I was reminded of one thing I preach.

‘Each time you pick up the camera, work on your style.’

The topic, ‘having your style’ has been niggling at photographers since the first capture. Why is it so important? Do so many aim to be a Master of the Lens? And if so, what does this mean?

Being a master, I believe, is having an eye for light and composition and an element of Lady Luck on your side. It comes firstly from patience.

Each time I pick up my camera I aim to gain at least one image for a folio and hence this image catching my eye yesterday. It fits perfectly into my framing folio.

Folios can be comprehensive. A couple of mine are: frames; portraits, wildlife, textures.....the list goes on and yes you would expect that after 20+ years in the industry. However, each time I pick up my camera, no matter for fun or work, I aim to push myself to add at least one image to a folio. Then I have succeeded in pushing myself another step. Do you?

Image (C) Danielle Lancaster 2010
Injune, Queensland, Australia

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