Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Bluedog goes to Italy

It’s a long way for us to travel from the Bluedog kennel to Italy. There’s many hours to be spent on a plane and a strong possibility there will be exhaustion to greet you at the other end. However, we have found an easier way!

Venture to a delightful authentic slice of Italy transplanted into the glorious Fraser Coast, near Hervey Bay, Queensland. Villa Cavour hosts Mara and Rocco have successfully brought the flavours and sights of Italy with them and are now sharing it with all of us!

The city of Cavour is the home of the Italian slow food movement and back home in Italy as a chef Rocco had a strong following of gourmets who would travel to taste his sensational cooking. Thankfully for us he now shares his talents with his guests in a hands-on cooking experience where you can make your own dinner using fresh local ingredients with the perfect Italian chef to guide you.

We made our own pasta, grissini and amazing sauces. And there was something quite enchanting about eating Moreton Bay bugs over pasta we had made, served on tableware once used in a castle and sipping fine Italian wine handpicked and imported by Rocco and Mara.

The Bed and Breakfast itself is a custom built house over two levels with self contained rooms upstairs and lounge, dining and kitchen downstairs. The kitchen definitely forms the hub of the activities with Rocco.

In our Bed and Breakfast ratings it rates a 9 and one of the pups has already booked a return visit.
Grazie Rocco and Mara. Grazie Mille!!!
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And another bonus, all good Italians know about good coffee!

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