Wednesday, 16 June 2010

As the Dust Settles on PSQ 2010

The dust has now settled on PSQ 2010 and no doubt the organisers should be having some well earned down time but as many of us know doing something for love means generally its back to the real world all too quickly and that well earned down time becomes a thing in our dreams.

PSQ 2010, hosted by the Brisbane Camera Group (BCG), has to be declared a roaring success. For those that attended there were exceptional speakers, workshops to get your creative juices flowing and the shutter button clicking, a range or professional advice readily given and some hot bargains from suppliers all in time for the end of financial year.

For me it was a time to catch up on with friends and industry acquaintances, see some fabulous images from camera groups members around Queensland, feel the excitement 12 years on after digital first came available to the masses (I do remember speaking at clubs 11 years ago where people told me it would not last), have a glimpse of where photography is leading us into the future such as the new NIK software –awesome stuff – and do a little photography shopping (a girl has to do what a girl has to do).

For those that missed it, maybe thinking PSQ was for camera club nerds only, think again. PSQ stands for the Photography Society of Queensland and each year they have their Photography Convention hosted by a club in Queensland – this is no mean feat. From my information from the organisers this conference averaged 180 people per day through the door plus organisers, sponsors, exhibitors, guest speakers and presenters. Take in a few logistics: international speakers and photographers, awards from entries pre conference to during conference, a convention dinner, auction (where thankfully the auctioneer could count after the odd rum or two), delegates from around Queensland, exhibitors and their stands, registrations, sales and the list becomes exhausting. 

Next year it will be held by the Goondiwindi Photography Group and I must admit this pulls a special string with me, as Goondiwindi is what I call my ‘home’ town. Now for those of you who do not know, Goondiwindi is not a suburb of Brisbane (or even Sydney) so put down the UBD. It is about 3.5 hours west of Brisbane, yes that does mean a drive, but I can guarantee you these people know how to put on a show. The experience will be well and truly worth it and we, as a team here at Bluedog are looking forward to attending and supporting the Gundy Crew.  

Below are a few images from the Goondiwindi Photography Club Members. 
Here is a link to their website which will be having more added as the members prepare for the big ‘do’. We’ll also be keeping people informed through the Bluedog Photography web site and our newsletter updates as speakers are confirmed. 

We must make a special mention to Sue Black. Sue took out a huge amount of prizes for her club (Gold Coast). Since first attending a Bluedog Beginner Photography Workshop in October 2007 Sue has continued to grow her photography taking out many prizes. Well done Sue – it is so good to see someone living their dream! 

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