Monday, 21 December 2009

'All I want for Christmas' What we would like from Santa here in the Bluedog Kennel

With Santa and his elves busily stuffing sacks for the long haul we thought we’d ask the Bluedog crew what photographic gear they are hoping for in their Santa Sack this year.

Augustine: For me (as I am about to go travelling) I am asking Santa for a new lightweight carbon fibre tripod and a new carry bag for all my gear :), oh and if he could sort me out with a Sherpa to carry all my stuff around the place that would be handy as well.

Danielle: After having slipped three discs in my back at once this year from carting around my bag and tripod, a lightweight carbon fibre tripod that can hold my camera steady in vertical with any lens is at the top of my list. Come on Santa bring it on! Next would be to attend the Mary Ellen Mark workshop in Mexico and visit my friends Rebecca and Emmanuel in the US to have some ‘fun’ photography time.

Garry: Being the resident Swiss in the Bluedog Kennel I am hoping that Santa can bring me a gift from my homeland. Seitz (a specialist Swiss camera manufacturer) makes an amazing camera addition, the D3 digital scan back, that allows me to take seamless panoramas with the flick of a switch. Where better to use such an incredible toy than in the beauty of Australia’s vast outback.

Mel: Top of my list is the AF-S VR Micro- Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED and the Nikon AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G ED-IF VR II lens. Not too much to ask for a girl who’s been good?

Suellen: There’s a rumour that Bluedog is planning a tour to Tuscany to sample all the delights that the Italian countryside has to offer. Santa – I want to go, please pretty please.

Nick: With Santa not needing to worry about weight in his sleigh I’d like him to bring me that big heavy 70-200mm Nikon f/2.8 lens that I have been hankering after. Just gotta love a big zoom. Oh and I’ll have the 2x converter because you can never have a lens that is too big. And ... I’d like a fisheye lens to really give the world a whole new look.  And ... oh, hang on,  I’d better save something for next year’s wish list.

Paul: I have my fingers crossed that Nikon brings out their new camera in time for your delivery this year. I have heard that there is a new model that is following on from the D700. Now I know that the D700 is good, but hey, sometimes newer is better. Thanks Santa and hurry up Nikon.

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gdaybeautiful said...

I would love more time to play with my camera and I also am wishing for another Bluedog workshop, the Tuscany trip sounds bearable.