Sunday, 11 October 2009

To Digitally Enhance or Not is the Question

Much debate is happening, has happened and will continue to happen on the topic of if images should be digitally enhanced.

The reality is every digital image will need a degree of processing. The same as what we did back in the good old days of the darkroom. However are some going too far? Can we really believe what we are now shown to be real whether it be a scene or an event captured digitally?

Have a look at what’s happening in the media today at this link:

While some of prefer to get most of it right in camera others are using their digital editing skills and taking their images to another level. On the most part there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, however we believe that in today’s digital age one should at least be honest. If you have edited an image - put in a rainbow, a moon, intensified the colour - whatever you have done, just be honest. Don’t allow others to feel incompetent just because you can work an image editing program.

Now before anyone gets truly on their high horses, we are not saying digital editing is bad – it’s not. Many are extremely talented in this area; however digital fraud is now a reality. Some are now relying on their computer skills instead of being a photographer. What is happening to getting it right in camera first?

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