Sunday, 5 July 2009

Holiday Photo Fun with Children

Got the kids around and all you want to do is a little photography? Why not involve them? Here’s a couple of simple projects that could get them in the mood and sort your family folder out at the same time!

Make a Family Tree: This can be as extensive or not as you like – if you have little ones just do your immediate family. Let them sort through your files (with you in attendance of course) copy and paste them into a working folder to protect those that are jpegs; resize and print.
Grab a sheet of cardboard form the local newsagent or office supply shop and stick them on drawing the tree – it’s good to get a bit creative here and believe us colouring in can give you some more free time!

Have you got teenagers you need to spend time with? Why not look at a photo collage for their bedroom wall? Let’s admit it, we most probably if we were allowed, love having posters up on our wall and teenagers today all seem to have a never ending supply of digital images on hand.

Get ready for Christmas! Did we forget to tell you it’s only next week? No seriously, why not look at preparing some items for Christmas. Easy to make are bookmarks with photographs printed on photographic material; ‘I love You’ albums of your year to date – great for grandparents and yes hate to say this year is more than half over; what about photography gift vouchers such as a photo of one of the kids washing the car (or thinking of it) and a gift voucher for Dad to wash his car during the year. Let the imagination go wild with this one and you’ll have loads of fun with the kids, no matter what age they are.

Have fun with your children over the holidays and keep that shutter finger moving!

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